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What Is Truth?

What is truth? This question was asked by Pilate to Jesus before Jesus was hung on a tree. The world we are in today has everyone asking this very question because of all the misinformation. It seems like people are stuck in a society where no information can be trusted or everyone is lying about everything they say. I have seen so many fall prey to this, no one is safe from these schemes of the devil. Many people are so wrapped up in what is happening in the news, with the election, wars, and now the vaccines and coronavirus. We hear things like “well the left did this or the right did that” or “democrats are socialist and republicans are racist.” Now we are at the “Do I take the vaccine or not take the vaccine?” or “Will the vaccine kill you or it will save your neighbor?” As if this wasn’t enough we are now moving on from that to more issues in Afghanistan. We just had two congressmen, a democrat and a republican, secretly fly there to see what’s going on because they couldn’t believe our own intelligence.

I’m writing this to my fellow bothers and sisters in Christ. What are you doing as salt and light? Are you getting caught up in the flesh by listening to the news? Is your heart being hardened because you are listening to the cares of this world? Are you slandering your government? Have you forgotten Romans 13 or what Paul said in Acts 23:5? Its as if people only want to pay attention to part of John 3:16 where it says, “God so loved the world”, but then forget about the rest of the whole verse or chapter or better yet the rest of the bible. John 3:21 says, “But he who practices the truth comes to the light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God.”

Again, I ask what is truth? We find the answer in John 18:37 where Jesus says, “Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.” I urge you today to put your faith in Jesus. He will give you peace, not as the world does but peace that the only begotten Son of God can give. We have to quit using our words to tear down and use them to exhort one another. We can not be salt and light if our gaze is not on Jesus, we can’t help our brothers in the ditch if our focus is not on the Cross. Whether we wear a mask or don’t wear a mask, whether we take the vaccine or don’t take the vaccine, we have to put our faith in Jesus. We have to go and do for our weaker brother and tell people about Jesus Christ. It is only in His name and by Him Through Him is anyone saved. We need to remember and keep our faith in the Lord that He has control over whether we live or die and that in His sovereignty He can pull you out of the flames. Christians, if we have lost our flavor then who will go to the world and tell them about Jesus and the light that lives in us?

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